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Yes, you read it correctly. Radiohead is releasing another album in June 2001! It is the  
 follow up to their 2000 release, Kid A, which entered American Billboard charts at #1! Amnesiac
 is going to include unreleased songs from the Kid A sessions. But, they are not outtakes! The  
 band desires them to be viewed as new songs so the album shouldn't be seen as a collection of
 b-sides. Even though all the songs were recorded at the same time as Kid A, the band always
 veiwed the work from the sessions as two seperate albums. According to reviews the album is,
 for the main part, different. It has been praised so far as the band greatest work yet!
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 :.: The Official Tracklist
 Thom has mentioned that the much talked about "Po Pad", the first song, has changed it's
 name. He didn't say, although, what it changed to.
 :.: Here are some confirmed release dates
June 4, 2001 - most of Europe
 June 4, 2001 - Australia
 June 5, 2001 - Canada and United States

 :.: Other
A lot of talk has been made that since Radiohead's record company will be releasing singles for  
this album and that there will most likely be some videos of some type, that Amnesiac will be  
more "commercial" than Kid A. The first single has been set to be "Pyramid Song".
 :.: Things the band has had to say about Amnesiac
 Thom: "i read that the gnostics believe when we are born we a forced to forget where we have come from in orde to deal with the trauma of arriving in this life. i thought this was really fascinating. its like the river of forgetfulness. it may have been recorded at the same time as 'Kid a but it comes from a different place i think. i used to listen to it on my laptopon tour supposedly trying to find a running order but really because i was so happy to have something we had done that nobody else heard and was our secret. it sounds like finding an old chest in someones attic with all these notes and maps and drawings and descriptions of going to a place you cannot remember."

 Colin: "I'm not sure they are two records. We had that group of songs to make one record, and the other ones are left over. It's that we had, say, 23 songs and we wanted to have around 47 minutes of music, so we chose that best combination out of that number (for 'Kid A') and the rest are waiting on the bench, waiting to be picked for the next team line-up. It is a combination of like, more conventional, perhaps, but also more dissonant stuff. But it continues on from 'Kid A'. It was all done in the same recording period. It is all a whole."

 Thom: "It goes off in two ways. One is like very broken machinery. The other is really fat and dark. I played one of the songs to Bjork -- he said, name dropping -- and she said it sounded like I'd just seen something really frightening, then gone and written about it. It's sort of bearing witness  to things. We've all listened to these other songs, getting and idea of what we have. It could be an EPs thing; maybe it will be a better record than the one we've just made. It's impossible for us to judge. In the same way, I can't judge what Kid A is like. I can't listen to it -- I don't want to listen to it. When you're in the mastering suite and you hear it for the final time, with all the gaps between the songs, that's it. After that, I went home with the CD and showed it to Rachel, (Thom's girlfriend) and said, 'This is Kid A, and I don't want to hear it anymore.' I want to do the same thing with the next one. It's fantastic when you finish something that's hanging around your neck." - Thom

Ed has said in interviews that the new album is not "constant" like Kid A or OK Computer, but more like The Bends. Also, the return of guitars will be noticed.

 :.: Song Information
 This song information was aquired through many different peoples reviews from the playbacks that took place in Toronto. I myself did not attend these playbacks so I have taken several peoples good descriptions of the songs and melted them together to what seems to be an overall good source of information on each tune. If you did attend the playbacks or if you have heard the album and find that my description is wrong please contact me with a better one or be lazy and don't. Either way, enjoy! (I hope all that made sense...)

01. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (3:57) 
LYRICS - This song begins with a clanging noise which resembles someone hitting a kettle with a stick and features Thom singing in a more melodic way than anything on Kid A. An electric piano begins and Thom sings 'i am a reasonable man / get off my case / get off my case...' A fast beat pounds away which makes the songs predacessor, Idiotique, sound like a dead corpse. Many people have already proclaimed that this is there favorite song on the album. Ed mentioned in an interview that the opening song for the album would be a tune called "Po Pad" but when Thom announced the tracklist on's messageboard he said that "Po Pad" and changed its name but he didn't mention what to. This song may very well be "Po Pad". Whatever it is, it's great opening track for the album.

02. Pyramid Song (4:49) 
LYRICS - This song includes Thom playing a piano and is set to be the first single for Europe and most likley Canada. It should be familiar to those who attended one of the bands more recent concerts or anyone who has already downloaded it online. Halfway through Phils drumming kicks in and the song boils and leads upward to a big finish. It includes a beautiful string section and carries out an elegantly sad theme.

03. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors (4:07) 
 Thoms vocals in this resemble those in "Kid A"(the song)  they seem to fade in and out with a constant buzzing noise in the background. His voice is completely undesipferable in some places. The song includes extremely distorted beats and a very heavy bass which isn't Colin playing but more a synth bass. It's all described as very metallic and impossible to understand. It make take a few listens before it settles in.

04. You and Whose Army? (3:10) 
LYRICS - A jazz influenced song which begins with a stand-up bass, a guitar, and Thoms voice. Once the drums kick in it morphs into a very likable song. Its crescendo is quite powerful and includes Radioheads madness we all know and love. This will definatly be a favorite.

05. I Might Be Wrong 
LYRICS - What? An actual riff? That's right, but that doesn't mean its a 'normal' song. The drums are electric and produce a great sound throughout the whole song. The guitar has a very cool effect and the riff is perfect! Thom sings a suiting melody in a distorted falsetto voice up until and dramtic pause for a few seconds. The song then resumes its rocking  with Colin and his bass now playing the riff and ends off with a sloopy guitar. This is destined to be a favorite and corret me if I am wrong, because I might just be, (hehehe) but this song is set to be the single in the U.S. released May 1st, 2001. I have personally heard this song and it is one of my favorites, you wont be able to get it out of your head!

06. Knives Out 
LYRICS - At first, and only then, this song could almost be mistaken as a tune from Pablo Honey. It jumps right in and gives you a straight-forward recording.  It is basically the same as the webcast version only  much better quality. It includes more guitars and something which resembles a guitar solo, only lighter. Thoms voice seems to echo on certain parts near the beginning and it seems to be a bit industrialy created. This tune has the potential to be heard on the radio sometime in the future.

07. Amnesiac/Morning Bell 
Phil hinted on XFM recently that it is indeed the same "Morning Bell" from Kid A but "not as groovy" and very "atmospheric." He was correct in saying that. It includes some acoustic guitar and some keyboard/guitar samples. When's Barry Walsh reviewed the song he described it as a "psycotic lullaby" He also mentioned that it isn't as nonrecognizable as the band had made it out to be, and it is almost better than the version on Kid A! That's pretty exciting!

08. Dollars & Cents 
A strong bass line and live drums lead this song into an excelent peak and then calms down. It starts abruptly and seems as if it contains some sort of screaming in the background. Very cool. The song skips a few times like a scratched CD and ends off with some neat guitar echo effect things. This is another fan favorite. Don't be to sure you know it though if you have heard it live because from what we hear it is a bit different. It's still good though, don't worry.

09. Hunting Bears 
This is a short instrumental song including a whole bunch of guitar loops and weird noises. It involves heavy distortion and some guitar notes that don't go in any one direction. There are some reports of waves crashing in the background and a low lead melody. If you ask me it still sounds cool.

10. Like Spinning Plates 
The vocals remind you of "Everything In Its Right Place" as Thoms voice is rewound and  twisted back and forth. This one may be difficult to swallow in one listen and it should grow on you with time. The beat is made out of what sounds like someone scratching turntables and the whole time an organ is played and the notes it plays begin to mix in with the "spinning" of the turntables. Its mostly a very confusing song but a good one at that. Very experimentle,

11. Life In A Glass House 
:( Is it the end already? From what I hear, you can either hate this song or love it. Litterally. In the beginning there is a sound which relates to the tuning of a radio and when that ends a piano begins. A prominent brass section adds to the slow and sad feel of this song. This song is featured  on Meeting People Is Easy and contains Thom on an acoustic guitar, apparently that has changed. The song is quite manic at times but over all it is one of the slowest songs on the album. Don't expect it to be the cliff hanging end, which kept you wanting more,  that "Motion Picture Soundtrack" was to Kid A. It's just a bit different from anything they have done.
 :.: Do you know more?
 That's all I know right now. If there is anything you know that isn't up here or if anything is
 wrong, please tell me! Find Kid A information here! Check back here for more information!

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