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Kid A
10/03/00 - US
02. Kid A

Produced By:
& Nigel Godrich
The band started work on the follow-up  to 1997's critically acclaimed OK Computer in late 1998 and recently finished up recording this Spring. They started work at Medly Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have since spent time in Studio Guillaume Tell, near Paris, and then to Gloucestershire, England.

The band has been joined again by producer Nigel Godrich, who also produced OK Computer.

The band has close to 30 songs recorded, mixed, and  ready to be released. Colin said in a recent interview that the new albulm will be short (about 45 minutes) and will be an albulm that you can sit down and listen to.

From what we know, Kid A will be experimental, to say the least. Fans of Pablo Honey and The Bends may be in for a shock.  Colin said recently that if you liked songs like "Exit Music" and  "Airbag", you'll love the new albulm.

What will become of the leftover songs that didnt make it onto Kid A? Some will become B-sides, while rumors of a series of EP releases could come about too. We aslo have reason to believe that another full-length albulm will be released as early as next spring.   

none yet :(

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