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The Bends

Produced by:
John Leckie, Radiohead,
Jim Warren, & Nigel Godrich
Recorded at:
Rak, The Manor, &
Abbey Road, London, England
Rolling Stone 5/13/99, pp. 58-59
Included in Rolling Stone's  "Essential Recordings of the 90's."
Q Magazine 2/96, p. 63
Included in Q's 50 Best Albulms of 1995 - "...THE BENDS' lasting mightiness is confirmed--as is the scary impression that they'll only get better..."
Melody Maker 12/23-30/95, pp. 66-67
Ranked #6 on Melody Maker's list of 1995's 'Albulms Of The Year'  - "Rock as self-evisceration...consistently, savagely, brilliant..."
New Musical Experience 12/23-30/95, pp. 22-23
Ranked #4 in NME's  'Top 50 Albulms Of The Year' for 1995
Rolling Stone 5/18/95, p. 88
3.5 Stars - Very Good - "...THE BENDS [is] a sonically ambitious albulm that offers no easy hits. It's a guitar field day , blending acoustic strumming with twitches of fuzzy tremelo and eruptions of amplified paranioa..."
Enterainment Weekly 4/6/95, p. 92
"...Sometimes folky, sometimes rocky, the sophmore albulm from this English band offers a smorgasbord of guitar flavors, most of them tasty. The stylistic leaps make for schizoid listening...but give these boys credit for not sitting still..."
-Rating B+   
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