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Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
Found on: Amnesiac
there are barn doors
and there are revolving doors
doors on the rudders of big ships
and there are revolving doors
there are doors that open by themselves
there are sliding doors
and there are secret doors
there are doors that lock
and doors that don't
there are doors that let you in
but never open
but there are trapdoors
that you can't come back from

From Jam!: Stop-start, bass-heavy sounds (perhaps a lingering manifestation of Yorke's collaborations with DJ Shadow?) and elevator pings form the backdrop as an electronically distorted, sped-up voice free-associates on the topic of doors. Video-game sound effects rise and descend throughout. More sonic experiment than song, this is perhaps the strangest track on either "Amnesiac" or "Kid A." Certainly it bears the strangest title -- that isn't a typo.

Colin: Pull Pulk Revolving Doors was made using an MC505 and some loops, together with some other found loops that we made in St Catherine’s Court when we were recording OK Computer.

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