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Like Spinning Plates
Found on: Amnesiac
while you make pretty speeches
im being cut to shreds
you feed me to the lions
what a delicate balance

when this just feels like spinning plates
im living in cloud cuckoo land

when this just feels like spinning plates
our bodies floatling down the muddy river

From Jam!: Machine-gun quick, turntable-scratch-like noises, and what sounds like backwards guitar notes define the rhythm, while Yorke's voice sounds distorted, like the creepy dwarf from "Twin Peaks." Is it about the hubbub of a musician's lifestyle finally starting to wind down to a more manageable pace? Or is the spinning plate Yorke sings about actually the fragile balance of the world about to come crashing down?

Colin: The ominous tones of Like Spinning Plates. In Copenhagen, I was listening to Womanís Hour [popular BBC Radio 4 programme]. They were talking about this English composer, whose name I canít remember, who wrote a piece of music for a singer where all the phrasings were backward but she sung it forward. Thom sung the backwards melody. It was recorded forward then listened to backwards and he did the phrasing so as to create backward sounding words but its sung forwards. Itís kind of my favourite track.

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