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Pop is Dead
Found on: Creep first issue single
oh no, pop is dead
long live pop
it died an early death by back catalogue

and now you know it gets you nowhere
and now you know, you realise

oh no, pop is dead,
it just gave up
we raise the dead but they won't stand up
and radio has salmonella
and now you know you're gonna die
he left this message for us

so what pop is dead
it's no great loss
so many facelifts, his face flew off
the emperor really has no clothes on
and his skin is peeling off
oh no, pop is dead, long live pop
one final line of coke to jerk him off

Bound for Pablo Honey, this song was actually left off the album and instead released as the band's final single of 1993. Thom describes it as "a king of epitaph to 1992. Hence the lines, 'Pop is dead/long live pop/Died an ugly death by back catalogue.'" Band members seem to concur that this is a very weak track, deserving of the scathing reviews it received.

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