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Faithless, The Wonder Boy
Found on: Anyone Can Play Guitar single & Itch EP
i've had these jeans since i was born
and now they're ripped
and now they're torn
and all my friends have skateboards
i want the toys of other boys
i want a knife and a gun and things
but mum and dad will not give in

and i can't put the needle in

and now i know what it is
it's called disease and it's got my head
it always runs where i hide
too scared to talk
too scared to try
too scared to know the reasons why
and all my friends say bye bye...

I can't put the needle in...": band members insist that this line is not about doing drugs. Instead, says Thom, it's about getting revenge. A B-side for "Anyone Can Play Guitar," this track was a live favorite for much of 1993, but was rarely played thereafter.

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